“BANK SICH” authorized capital increased up to UAH 200,090,000.00

This is to inform that on June 26, 2017, a revised version of the Charter of PJSC “BANK SICH” was approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in connection with the increase of the authorized capital of the Bank. The authorized capital of the Bank was increased to 200,090,000.00 by private depositing of the ordinary registered shares additionally issued by PJSC “Bank SICH”.

The Bank’s authorized capital is increased with the purposes of fulfillment of requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking Activity” to the amount of the authorized capital and with the purpose of increase of the Bank’s financial strength.

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Credit rating of PJSC “BANK SICH” approved as uaA-, forecast “stable”

On May 31, 2018, the National Rating Agency “IBI Rating” approved the credit rating of PJSC “BANK SICH” as uaA-, with forecast “stable”. (Decision No. 67-18/FC/SICH 01-13up “On renewal of credit rating according to the Rating Committee “Rating Agency “IBI-Rating” LLC” on May 31, 2018).

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International Charity Fund “LET’S HELP” is a charitable organization established in 2015 and devoted to support lower-income citizens and enhance the environment.
The fund supports diseased people, lonely pensioners, orphans, street animals, and unwanted children. In the frame of the corporate & social responsibility, “BANK SICH” entirely supports the Fund’s initiatives and help people all over Ukraine. Join the good deeds club!

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Deposit Guarantee Fund


BANK SICH is a universal bank that provides all basic banking transactions on the financial services market, specializing in the retail business and working with small and medium enterprises.

Rate date 18.09.2019


Rate date 18.09.2019




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Band Sich offers safety deposit boxes for secure storage of funds, securities, documents, jewelry, art and other valuables.

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