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Cash 50/50



  • Amount of loan – up to UAH 5,000,000.00
  • Loan term – up to 10 years
  • Fixed interest rate – 30,00%!
  • Crediting for any purposes
  • Flexible loan repayment schedule (classical or annuity)

  • Lending conditions

    –  age of borrowing customers: 21-65

    –  Loan term – up to 10 years
    Flexible loan repayment schedule: from 12 to 120 months

    –  Cash from UAH 300,000.00 to UAH 5,000,000.00
    Crediting for any purposes up to UAH 5,000,000.00  in cash (to 50% of a pledge value of a loan security)

    –  Fixed interest rate
    Interest rate is 30,00%

    –  Loan repayment schedule
    Classical repayment schedule or annuity (in equal parts)

    –  Loan security
    As a loan security, an apartment, house (as well as a land lot), non-residential premises (shopping or office premises) are accepted

    –  Insurance against risk
    Borrower’s life insurance and property insurance. Provided annually in insurance companies accredited by the Bank

    – Loan fee:
    one-time fee 0.1% of a loan amount.

  • Required documents

    –  regarding the Borrower:

    • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine, ID card, or other documents indentifying the citizenship of Ukraine.
    • Registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card
    • Certificate of income for the last 6 months from a primary employer and/or card account statement, where payroll is passed to, for the last 6 months (financial statements for the latest reporting date and the latest full year for individual entrepreneurs)
    • Other documents upon the Bank’s request

    –  regarding the pledged property:

    • Original document of title
    • Technical data sheet with explication
    • Other documents upon the Bank’s request

  • Ways of loan repayment

    –  wire transfer by a customer (or their proxy) from their current accounts;

    –  agreed charge-off from the Borrower’s current/card account, opened for crediting and loan repayment, or any other current account of a Borrower;

    –  depositing cash in the cash desk of the Bank.

Life insurance: 0.6% of available amount of the principal of the loan, annually

Real property insurance: 0.3% of cost of real property, annually

Notary services: from UAH 5,000.00 to UAH 10,000.00, approximately

Appraisal services UAH 600.00 to UAH 2,000.00, approximately

Bank fee for the cash management services for withdrawal/transfer from current account *:  up to 2.5% of a withdrawn/transferred amount
*Loan is credited to the Borrower’s current account opened with JSC “BANK SICH”

A Customer shall repay a principal amount of loan, banking fees and interest, as provided by agreement and laws of Ukraine.

Probable consequences of a failure to fulfill liabilities by a Customer

  • Late payment charge for:
    loan payments / payment of loan interest / other payments  – UAH 250.00 – for delays in payment of loan amounts and/or loan interest and/or banking fees on the 7th day of such a delay.
  • Penalty for a failure to fulfill other liabilities
    UAH 1,000,00 – for a failure to provide financial documents to the Bank in terms prescribed by loan agreement; for a failure to provide certificates of title to and status of property (for each failure).
    UAH 4,000.00 – for a failure to fulfill liabilities under loan/mortgage agreements in respect of terms of conclusion of insurance agreements and insurance payments (for each failure).

In case of undue repayment of a loan (its part), a Borrower shall, as provided by Article 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, repay a loan along with an inflation ratio, accrued for the whole period of delay, interest on unlawful use of such a loan (rated in paragraph 1.14 of loan agreement), and penalty, as provided by loan agreement.