In settling overdue debts, JSC BANK SICH (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) shall take measures aimed at out-of-court repayment of debts of consumers who have overdue performance of a monetary obligation (overdue debt) under a consumer loan agreement.

When settling overdue debts, the Bank strictly adheres to the current legislation on protection of the rights and legitimate interests of consumers of financial services, including Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Lending”, and treats consumers of financial services and other persons with whom consumer credit agreement and who have agreed to such interaction, to prevent violations of their rights.

The Bank has the right to involve a collection company in the settlement of overdue debt, if the terms of the consumer loan agreement provide for such a right of the Bank. In case of involvement of a collection company in settling overdue debts, the Bank shall place on its website the necessary information specified by the current legislation.

Please read the following information on the Bank’s settlement of overdue debt: