PJSC “BANK SICH” is a longtime member of the stock market of Ukraine. The Bank offers a wide range of stock market services which mostly meet requirements of our customers, namely:

  • sale and purchase of shares issued by the Ukrainian emitters under brokerage services agreements or contracts of delegation;
  • sale and purchase of sovereign bonds in the primary and second markets, advising services for sovereign bonds deals.

Sovereign bond is an immediately available instrument for allocation of resources guaranteed by the government 100% and available to be sold or purchased in the second market at any time, keeping the interest.

Characteristics of sovereign bonds:

  • nominal value – 1000 UAH / US dollars / EURO;
  • pay-back period – from 3 months to 5 years (in the primary market);
  • types of sovereign bonds as per pay-back period in the second market – from 30 days to 3 years.

Customer’s benefits:

  • sovereign bonds payments are guaranteed by the government 100%;
  • sovereign bonds profits are higher than deposit ones, both in UAH and currency;
  • only 1.5% of military tax is paid from income received from paid off or sold sovereign bond (in case of disbursement of deposit funds, personal income tax rate is 18%, military tax rate is 1.5%);
  • immediately available instrument for investing is the possibility to sell in the second market, keeping the interest;
  • purchasing the sovereign bonds in currency, currency risks are insured (purchasing is at UAH rate as of the date of purchase; pay off is at the nominal value rate (US dollars or EURO).