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Стоимость звонков согласно тарифам Вашего оператора

BANK SICH offers plastic cards of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide – from affordable and democratic to premium and prestige ones

Immediate payments

Person to person payment

MasterCard Debit – cards are the most affordable international payment cards designed to make life comfortable for modern people. This card enables to shop in million of trade service centers and withdraw cash in bank department and ATMs all over the world. Mandatory authorization (verification) of electronic cards during settlements provides an additional guarantee of funds safety. This is the best option for individuals – for those who opens payment cards to their family members: you may even issue a card to your child!

MasterCard Standard — cards are the most universal cards in the world which offer the best ratio of cost and range of services. These cards combine easiness and high security and equally well suited for all types of shopping and cash withdrawals. These cards are indispensable for people who devote a lot of time to work and travel a lot. Millions of ATMs and retail outlets around the world accept MasterCard Standard cards for service. In addition, using MasterCard Standard, you can book a hotel room staying at home, shop in online store or rent a car.

MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum are exclusive cards which highlight the cardholder social importance and guarantee a special attention in points of sale. With the above cards, cardholders shall feel comfortable in the best worldwide hotels, boutiques, clubs, casinos, and restaurants. In addition to advantages of classic cards МasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum cardholders enjoy exclusive privileges, such as significant discounts and benefits when paying for goods and services all over the world.

Cards with chips, MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum, shall rise security of your payments and reduce risk of fraud with payment cards.

Advantages and options of smart cards:

  • Transactions are easy to perform with smart cards; it is enough enter PIN-code to confirm transaction. Staff in points of sale does not need to ask customers to put their signature any longer.
  • Smart card is safe: card data may not be copied by scammers as information, contained in micro processor, is securely protected by cryptographic coding.
  • Micro processor (smart) cards of EMV standard are accepted all over the world and shall be useful for travelers.
  • Card with adjusted chip is less fragile, its performance efficiency is not affected by electromagnetic fields which may affect a card with magnetic stripe on it. Payment card with chip is valid for 2 years, and a card with magnetic stripe is valid for 1 year.

MasterCard World Elite – символ высокого социального статуса, который признается во всем мире!
Премиальные услуги владельцам MasterCard World Elite:

  • VIP обслуживание персональным менеджером Банка.
  • Выгодные условия в аэропортах:
    • сервисы в аэропорте «Борисполь»:
      • Fast Line на прилет и вылет;
      • бизнес-лаунж в залах международных вылетов;
      • услуга ускоренной сдачи багажа и регистрации на рейс в терминале D;
      • бизнес-лаунж в залах внутренних вилетов в терминале D.
    • сервисы в аэропорте «Киев»:
      • Fast Line на прилет и вылет;
      • бизнес-лаунж в залах международных вылетов.
    • сервисы в аэропорте «Львов»:
      • бизнес-лаунж в залах международных и внутренних вылетов.
    • сервисы в аэропорте «Харьков»:
      • бизнес-лаунж в залах международных вылетов.
  • Беспроцентный кредитный лимит с льготным периодом до 35 дней, в течение которых проценты за использование кредитных средств не начисляются.
  • Начисление годовых процентов на положительный остаток на карточном счете: 15% в грн. и 2% в долл. США или евро.

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Additional advantages of “BANK SICH” payments cards:

clock (2)urgent issuance of payment car within 1 business day

commandissuance of additional cards for family members and authorized persons

percentage1monthly accrual of interest to your account balance

hand-and-moneyreplenishment of accounts both by yourself and authorized person

smartphoneM-Banking service which sends information to customers’ cell phones about all transactions.


Tariff “Standard”

Easy payment instrument for settlements.

Tariff “Profitable”

Accumulation of savings with any time access to them.

Accrual of annual interest from card account balance.


Предполагает процентный доход за остатки средств на карточном счете.
С возможностью установления кредитного лимита

Tariff “For Depositors”

To receive interest income accrued from bank deposit.

Card is issued within 1 business day and for free.

Тариф “Зарплатный стандарт”

Действует для платежных карт, эмитированных в рамках зарплатных проектов юридических лиц.

Тариф «Варта»

Тариф «Социальный»

Оформление новых карточных счетов по тарифу прекращено с 11.06.2020 г.

Тариф «Бюджетный»

Оформление новых карточных счетов по тарифу прекращено с 11.06.2020 г.

Кредитный калькулятор

Овердрафт для власників карткових рахунків в тарифі "ФО MASTERCARD WORLD ELITE"

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Условия калькуляции стоимости кредита предусматривают, что клиент получает сразу всю сумму кредитного лимита наличными и своевременно выполняет все текущие обязательства по кредиту (осуществление минимальных платежей, погашение начисленных процентов); применяется только процентная ставка стандартного кредита.


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