List of documents to be filed by individuals to obtain personal electronic permit to transfer currency abroad for some exchange transactions

Application for personal electronic permit to place funds on account outside Ukraine

Application for personal electronic permit to make investments abroad

Application for personal electronic permit to fulfill commitments before a non-resident under life-insurance policy

Tariffs of PJSC “BANK SICH” as the authorized bank for granting personal electronic permits

Conditions for personal electronic permit issued by the National Bank of Ukraine to individuals for exchange transactions abroad

According to Resolution No. 54 of June 15, 2017, of the National Bank of Ukraine “On amendments to some regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine”, a simplified system of granting of personal permits is established.

Individuals (excluding entrepreneurs) may be granted personal electronic permits to transfer currency abroad to make some exchange transactions through authorized banks.

An individual may transfer currency abroad in the total amount of USD 50,000.00 (in equivalent) within one calendar year.

Individuals may use electronic permits within the fixed limit for the purposes of the following exchange transactions:

  • for investments abroad;
  • for allocation of funds on personal accounts outside Ukraine;
  • for fulfillment of liabilities before non-residents under life-insurance policy.

Electronic permit is one-day valid; it means that an individual may conduct an exchange transaction at the date of electronic permit.

Personal electronic permit is issued to an individual by the National Bank of Ukraine by registration an appropriate record number in the automatic information system of the National Bank of Ukraine “Register of Personal Permits for Individual Exchange Transactions”.

An authorized bank shall notify an individual that electronic permit is issued or cancelled providing an extract from the Register.

To obtain an electronic permit, an individual shall apply to an authorized bank where such an individual holds UAH and currency accounts, or shall open such accounts.

An individual shall file an appropriate request (specified by bank) and original documents (list of documents is provided by bank) to an authorized bank. Original documents shall be duplicated and signed by an individual.

Important! An authorized bank shall verify documents provided by an individual for authenticity and compliance with the law of Ukraine. In case filed documents do not comply with the law of Ukraine, the bank shall refuse to operate as an authorized bank in obtaining an electronic permit.