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Classic bank deposit for individuals, with a fixed interest rate and payment of interest at the end of deposit.


Classic bank deposit for individuals, with a fixed interest rate and capitalization of interest.


Classic bank deposit for individuals, with a fixed interest rate строк 6, 9, 12, 15 and 36 months and monthly payment of interest.


Банківський вклад у гривні з підвищеною ставкою процентів. Гнучкі умови строку розміщення вкладу. Виплата процентів здійснюється щомісячно.


Time deposit for 6 or 12 months, with advance payment of interest on the day of crediting to an account.


Deposit in UAH, USD and EUR, upon client’s request.

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  1. JSC “BANK SICH” shall notify a Customer about probable consequences of a banking service and failure to fulfill the Customer’s responsibilities under the agreement for such a service:

Deposit agreement shall be effective from the date of depositing the deposit amount to a deposit account in the Bank’s cash desk or by wire transfer to the Depositor’s deposit account, and shall be active until a full return of deposit to the Depositor and full payment of interest, as provided by deposit agreement. Deposit account shall be closed on the next business day after the date of return of deposit.

In case a Customer does not make a deposit in terms under deposit agreement, the Bank’s and Customer’s liabilities are regarded to be terminated.

The Bank shall accrue interest on deposit based on the interest rate, as provided by a certain deposit program chosen by a Customer and fixed in deposit agreement.

Interest on deposit shall be paid by the Bank, according to deposit conditions chosen by a Customer and deposit agreement, on the date of expiration of deposit, by wire transfer to a current account listed in deposit agreement.

Income from deposit transactions is subject to tax, according to the law of Ukraine.

If a Depositor receives any allowances and subsidies, additional income may cause their loss.

For cash in amount over UAH 20,000.00 from a current account, a Customer shall submit an application to the Bank the day before.

  1. Probable consequences for a Customer in case of untimely request for return of deposit:

Amount of deposit and interest available at the date of expiration of deposit agreement shall be transferred to the Depositor’s current account listed in deposit agreement.

The Bank shall not accrue and shall not pay interest on deposit after expiration of such a deposit (if the Bank is not able to return deposit and accrued interest to the Depositor’s current account due to reasons beyond the Bank’s control).

  1. The Bank may not require from a Customer to purchase any products or services from the Bank or its related entity as an obligatory condition for the servicing (except the package of banking services).
  2. The Bank may not make any amendments and changes to agreements concluded with its Customers, unless otherwise provided by law or such agreement.
  3. A Customer may decline any promo materials sent by electronic means of communication.
  4. Additional and accessorial services related to arrangement of deposits are not available.
  5. A Customer may decline an agreement for banking services, if such a right is provided by law.
  6. For the bank deposit “Easy” (a bank deposit for individuals), a full or partial early return of deposit before the fixed date of rerun is applicable on the grounds of a written request to the Bank.

For the bank deposits “Bank Classics”, “Universal”, “Treasury” and “Recreation”, early return of deposit (a part of deposit) is not applicable.



BANK SICH provides depositors with preferential conditions for processing and servicing payment cards


BANK SICH is a member of the Fund for Guaranteeing Deposits of Individuals


· +0.50% to the interest rate of UAH deposits – for pensioners;
· +0.50% to the interest rate of UAH deposits – when a deposit is rolled over by a Depositor; amount and terms of the deposit shall not be less than the amount and terms of the previous deposit; a Customer shall apply for the roll-over of deposit not later than the next business day after expiration of deposit.
· Only one loyalty program shall apply.



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