Compliance is the practice of adherence to the law and internal procedures. Compliance stipulates that everyone knows, understands and follows all the requirements of the law of Ukraine, standards, provisions, rules, internal policies, and codes of banking.

Compliance risk is seen as the risk of legal sanctions, financial losses or loss of good will as a result of failure of the bank to meet requirements of the law of Ukraine, regulations, internal provisions, rules, and standards of self-regulating organizations applied to the bank’s operations. Failure to foresee consequences of improper acts of the bank staff may result in a negative public response and cause damage to the bank’s good will, even if the requirements of the law of Ukraine have not been violated.

Following the requirements of the law of Ukraine, international regulations and standards, an effective management of compliance risk is successfully practiced in PJSC “Bank SICH”.

Code of Corporate Ethics, as one of the fundamental instruments, is approved and used in the Bank. This instrument prescribes the regulations and rules of corporate conduct and reflects the key principles and standards of the Bank.
In case of improper behavior of the Bank’s staff (violation of the Code of Corporate Ethics), violation of the law etc. which may affect the interests of the Bank and/or the customers, you may send us a message.

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