Attention to the Customers: Work schedule of BANK SICH departments in lockdown

Dear Customers,

Today, the whole world is facing the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Now, BANK SICH’s the highest priority is to provide the best quality of banking services, as well safety of our Customers and employees.

We do our best for you to feel comfortable and have the continuous and prompt access to all the services of the Bank.

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to our work schedule. Departments of BANK SICH are open and provide services, except the departments which are located in trade & entertainment centers and centers for administrative services. In our departments, you may always find sanitizers; epidemic prevention measures are properly taken.

Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to be responsible to your health and health of others. Please refrain from public places (including banks), use sanitizers, gloves and masks, and minimize the use of cash (a great number of bacteria live on bank notes).

In this connection, we kindly remind about our on-line banking services:

  • For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

With “Client-Bank” system for business, the majority of banking transactions are available remotely. Please learn how to connect to the “Client-Bank” system:

For technical maintenance of the “Client-Bank” users, please call: +38 044 207 14 83, +38 044 207 14 83.

For almost 10 years, the Bank again and again meets the market’s challenges and successfully gets over crisis. Our priority is the Customers’ needs.

We would like to emphasize that we do and shall fulfill our liabilities before the Customers who made deposit agreements with the Bank! This refers to both current and prospective agreements with the Customers. Interest on deposits and deposit amounts, after expiration of deposits, shall be paid in the currency of deposit (UAH/USD/EUR) on a timely basis, as provided by deposit agreements!

To learn more about the services and activity of the Bank, please visit the nearest bank department, or call us to our 24/7 call center at: 0 800 501 000, + 38 044 207 14 40.

We are grateful for your choice of BANK SICH and our cooperation! We are sure that together we shall cope with all the obstacles. Take care!