The strategy of Bank Sich is primarily aimed at working with corporate business: providing credit support for the current needs of enterprises, as well as consideration of long-term investment projects.

Flexible partnership with our clients is key to the success of the Bank.

Bank Sich is in business since May 2011 and has already established cooperation with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and large industrial enterprises, including:

one of the major certified commercial operators on the Ukrainian market of business aviation.

supplier of high quality military goods, as well as licensed domestic manufacturer of small arms and ammunition

"Oxygen Factory", PJSC

one of the largest specialized manufacturers of industrial gases and liquids in Ukraine

"Technofilter" Factory

manufacturer of technical fabrics that are used in various industries - from agriculture to mining

"ELEKTRONMASH" , State Scientific and Production Enterprise

exporter of electronic products

"AEROVIZ" Airline Ltd.", "Aviaoptim"

international cargo transport airlines

"Orfeo"Book House Ltd.

a network of book stores throughout Ukraine

SPE "Mimosa", JSC

manufacturer of medical equipment, including surgical equipment and orthopedic appliances; importer of artificial body parts

"Mayak Plant", JSC

оdomestic manufacturer and exporter of special purpose

"SeyvVel", Group of companies

companies that are active in restoration of gas wells in Ukraine and Russia

"KHIMREZERV", Group of companies

producer of lacquer and paint products, solvents, automotive chemicals, ethyl acetate

"Kyiv Central Armatures Design Bureau", PJSC

well-known manufacturer and developer of complex valves for nuclear power plants, space technology and equipment used in aircraft and energy

Our clients include manufacturers and suppliers of engineering industries, electronics, office supplies manufacturers, manufacturers of medical devices, representatives of the financial, insurance, medical services. Our clients have appropriate experience and the necessary licenses and permits.

We invite you to cooperation!

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Volodymyr Bilokon