To ensure the most effective channels of communication with Clients for creation of the most comfortable conditions for obtaining information and banking products purchasing, iFOBS Client-Bank computer program was introduced in Bank Sich.

iFOBS is a system of single electronic document between the bank and the client, which enables Internet access for banking services and products for each customer of the Bank.

iFOBS System is an effective solution for following tasks:

  • Creating a direct link between the Bank and the Client.
  • Providing direct access for the Client to information about their accounts, contracts, and the history of interaction with the Bank.
  • Creating a single point of entry for Client that relieves him/her from direct visits to the Bank and also does not require the installation of additional software on Client`s PC.

Key benefits of iFOBS Client-Bank for corporate clients:

  • Single access point to Client’s accounts and active operations conducting, regardless of what branch of the bank accounts have been opened in.
  • Building up the hierarchy of the enterprise for further monitoring and authorization of payment document divisions, branches, subsidiaries by the representative of the parent organization.
  • Ability to work in offline mode, using local data storage, handling large volumes of data which is packed during its sending over the Internet saving bandwidth.
  • Additional features of data security (multiple electronic signatures superimposing on the document, using of special devices for generating passwords, payment confirmation by SMS and much more).

If you wish to manage your accounts using the system “Client-Bank” remotely, you are required to sign the contract to use the system. We recommend you to do it during the opening of your account. Bank specialists will install iFOBS Client-Bank System in your office and consult you on its use.

System Support: “Client-Bank”:
+38 044 207 14 83