Lending to the real economy is a priority activity of PJSC Bank Sich.

The bank invites Ukrainian companies with stable business, which need to attract credit funds for current needs or need to finance long-term projects in local and foreign currencies.

We provide individual approach for each client, flexible tariffs and interest rates, prompt loan decision, fast and competent paperwork, we offer the most effective and convenient credit products according to needs and capabilities of the borrower.

Bank works with a wide range of collateral (real estate, land, vehicles, equipment, goods in circulation, property rights on cash and so on), provides the possibility of early repayment of the loan without paying commissions and penalties.

We offer following credit products:

  • Loans for working capital in local and foreign currencies up to 2 years:
    • one-time credit;
    • credit in the form of renewable or non-renewable credit line.
  • Long-term investment loans for purchasing (upgrading) of fixed assets in local and foreign currencies, including mortgages, loans for purchasing (upgrading) equipment, vehicles purchasing, etc.
  • Bank guarantees – tender, performance guarantees and guarantees of payment, advance payment guarantees, etc.
  • There is a special kind of loan in the form of overdraft current account for reliable borrowers – clients of Bank Sich.

For more information about credit products and necessary documents for the loan you can call:
0 800 501 000, or by contacting the Bank