Credit rating of PJSC “BANK SICH” approved as uaA-, forecast “stable”

On December 26, 2017, the National Rating Agency “IBI Rating” approved the credit rating of PJSC “BANK SICH” as uaA-, with forecast “stable”. Decision No. 258-17/FC/SICH 01-12up “On renewal of credit rating according to Minutes No. 41 issued by the Rating Committee “Rating Agency “IBI-Rating” LLC” on December 26, 2017.

A borrower rated uaA is described as highly creditworthy in contrast to other Ukrainian borrowers. Credit rating shows the sensitivity to unfavorable commercial, financial, and economic conditions.
Symbol «-» stands for an intermediate rating against the main rating.

Forecast described as “stable means that the credit rating shall unlikely change within the year.

The following criteria noted by the Rating Agency proves the Bank’s credit rating:

  • sufficient capitalization;
  • support by the Bank’s owners;
  • strengthening of bargaining power by expanding of regional branches and number of customers;
  • concentration of credit portfolio for major loaners;
  • reasonable liquidity indexes and balanced assets and liabilities my maturity;
  • concentration of resource data base as per contractors;
  • rough economic environment impacts the  financial freedom and capacity of citizens and operating businesses and, therefore, minimize the public confidence in banks.


Rating history of PJSC “BANK SICH”

 Event Rating Forecast Date Result
renewal uaА- stable 26.12.2017 approved
renewal uaА- stable 16.06.2017 approved
renewal uaА- stable 26.12.2016 approved
renewal uaА- stable 29.06.2016 increased
renewal uaBBB stable 29.12.2015 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 30.06.2015 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 16.12.2014 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 20.06.2014 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 17.12.2013 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 18.06.2013 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 23.11.2012 approved
renewal uaBBB stable 12.06.2012 increased
determination uaBBB- stable 27.10.2011