Bank Sich offers services to provide remote electronic document exchange with the Bank with the help of modern e-banking system Client-Bank.

Using this system greatly simplifies the process of making payments for customers, increases the efficiency of their current accounts management and reduces costs.

It’s not necessary to visit the Bank – processing the money orders, sending documents to the Bank, obtaining statements from the Bank etc are carried out remotely.

Client-Bank is simple to install and use, and to provide all necessary protection and the formation of a digital signature, which ensures complete reliability, security and confidentiality of electronic documents.

“Client-Bank” allow you to:

  • Receive electronically extracts about operational information of the account, crediting and debiting of funds at any time;
  • Create and send payment instruments to the bank;
  • Maintain records of incoming and outgoing documents;
  • Receive financial information: exchange rates, letters and resolutions of the National Bank of Ukraine etc.

To run a current account remotely via Client-Bank, a contract for using the system should be signed. We recommend to do this when opening an account.

Bank Sich specialists will install the Client-Bank system in your office and will consult on its exploitation.

“Client-Bank” system support:
+38 044 207 14 83