Banknote operations

In order to maintain optimal size of the balances in the bank cash office and to meet the needs of its clients in financial resources, Bank Sich purchases and sells cash in local and foreign currencies for non-cash assets in the respective currency.

Currency Transactions

To fulfill customer orders on currency exchange and for own needs, Bank Sich makes following interbank operations:

  • Foreign currency purchasing and selling
  • Exchange (conversion) of one foreign currency to another

Bank conducts operations under the conditions of “TOD”, “TOM” or “SPOT” and “FORWARD” (in order to hedge the risks of foreign currency changes against another foreign currency, under the conditions that both currencies are foreign currencies of Group I of the National Bank of Ukraine).

Loans operations

Within approved limits, and in order to manage short-term liquidity of the Bank and interest rate risks hedging for clients, Bank Sich performs the following operations on the monetary credit market of Ukraine:

  • Placement and attracting short-term interbank loans / deposits (up to 3 months) in national and foreign currencies
  • SWAP loan transactions to trade currencies

Контактный телефон:

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