JSC “BANK SICH” offers:

  • interesting and dynamic work in the innovative bank;
  • competitive salary;
  • registered employment (according to the Labor Code of Ukraine);
  • possibility of career growth and development.

If you want to join the team of ambitious likeminded people, you your welcome!


Сhief Lawyer


  • legal analysis and preparation of conclusions on credit transactions, verification of the authority of clients / authorized persons to conclude and sign credit agreements and collateral agreements;
  • conducting a legal analysis of documents on credit debt restructuring;
  • development / participation in approval of draft agreements and internal regulations on credit operations, operating activities, passive and other operations;
  • support of operational activities (opening of accounts) and passive operations (deposit), incl. providing oral and written explanations / consultations to the structural divisions of the bank on the implementation of these operations;
  • participation in the development of changes to existing GNI and the development of new ones for the bank to comply with the requirements of consumer information legislation;
  • participation in the development of products (credit, deposit, RKO) for individuals, business entities and preparation of standard contracts for the sale of such products;
  • preparation of responses to appeals, inquiries of law enforcement, controlling and other bodies;
  • participation in the preparation of responses to inquiries from the AMCU, ARMA, law enforcement and other bodies;
  • preparation of written explanations / consultations to structural divisions of the bank on implementation of active, passive operations, economic activity


  • university degree in legal;
  • experience in the banking system from 3 years;
  • experience in supporting types of banking activities;
  • knowledge of the requirements of the legislation on informing consumers (individuals), in terms of providing them with banking and financial services

Chief Specialist of the Information Security Department


  • university degree in IT or IS;
  • experience in IT / IS from 2 years;
  • knowledge and understanding of NBU regulations, DSTU ISO / IEC 27001: 2015, ISO / IEC 27002: 2015;
  • desire to develop and learn something new;
  • support for a key management system;
  • experience with antivirus protection


  • organization and support of network infrastructure security;
  • support and modernization of information infrastructure security;
  • monitoring the actions of users;
  • analysis of user actions in information systems;
  • participation in the investigation of cyber incidents;
  • control over compliance with current legislation in the field of information security;
  • compliance with the requirements of the NBU Resolution №829;
  • organization of measures to ensure information security;
  •  participation in the implementation of new information systems;
  • support and implementation of a video surveillance system, in accordance with the requirements of the NBU;
  • participation in the processing of information security documents;
  • advanced training of the Bank’s employees in the field of IS

Head of banking outlet, Regional Directorate of JSC «BANK SICH», Kiev city


  • university degree in finance or economics;
  • banking experience on a similar position for at least 3 years;
  • knowledge of the laws of Ukraine, laws & regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine related to transactions of corporate customers;
  • knowledge of the customer service protocols.

Economist for work with individuals of the Romney Department of JSC “BANK SICH”, Romney city

Economist for work with individuals of the Central Department of JSC “BANK SICH”, Kamyanets-Podilsky city


  • university degree;
  • experience in the banking system from 2 years;
  • knowledge of the laws of Ukraine and laws & regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • knowledge of the customer service protocols


  • customer service – individuals through the sale of banking products and services, including after-sales customer service;
  • consultations for clients on settlement and cash services, the procedure for opening and maintaining current and deposit accounts, the procedure for lending to clients, issuing payment cards, making money transfers, etc .;
  • compliance with customer service quality standards

Сashier-controller of the Regional Directorate of JSC «BANK SICH», Odessa city


  • secondary special education;
  • banking experience for at least 1 year;
  • knowledge of the laws of Ukraine and laws & regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • knowledge of the customer service protocols


  • performs sorting, processing, transfer, formation and packaging of banknotes (coins), provides verification of cash of national and foreign currency for authenticity and payment;
  • advises clients on the implementation of cash transactions;
  • forms and loads ATM cassettes in cash, transfers cash withdrawn from ATM cassettes, PTKS under the supervision of an authorized employee; carries out reinforcement of the ATM, unloading of the ATM / PTKS;
  • initiates cash transactions, which it conducts individually, and / or operations with additional control, printing, control, signature, confirmation of cash documents in the Bank’s operating day, acceptance / issuance of cash in accordance with NBU regulations and internal / administrative documents Bank.

Risk Assessment Manager for Retail Business

Tasks and requirements:

  • participation in the development and analysis of the models of finance risks assessment of borrowers, accounting a type of product and supply;
  • participation in the development of methodology of transactions;
  • experience in risk assessment for retail business and knowledge of book-keeping;
  • review of information and reports of borrowers, finance analysis of customers (individuals and small & middle business);
  • actual experience in analysis and calculation of the key financial indexes of borrowers;
  • rating of borrowers and risk assessment, according to the NBU requirements;
  • making summaries about reasonableness and conditions of credit transactions;
  • structuring of a credit transaction with the purposes of minimization of credit risks and timely service/return of loan debt.

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